The making of ID cards for civilian

Cardreader for validation of ID cards

Validation ok...

Well arrived at main safezone Tuesday at 01.30 a.m

Our tank!

Check in line Tuesday morning

Check in line Tuesday morning

Check in line Tuesday morning

Check in line Tuesday morning

Ikaros main camp

Ikaros main camp

Setting up camp

Fire for the food

Ikaros HQ main base

Our tank parked next to camp site

allready more safe

We shall remember our fallen ones! HAIL RICO!!!

5 yellow bars = 5 hitpoints!

Aprox 15 min after gamestart, right track decided to brake. 56 minutes later we where rolling again

Track repair

Track repair

Track repair

Entered in the civilian city

The bikers was eager to do business with the Hades Police

Camp fire in the city

The banker needed protection, we offered it, with 3 man and a tank! of course in change of some money..

The tank secure one entrance to the city

Patrolling in the nearby hills of the city

Making a MG nest to protect the city, and off course camopaint to hide the white faces

Tank still looking over the peace in the city

Military court

the judgment is a hug...

And then dead by club!...

Still alive?

Better safe than sorry..

The barkeeper, served coffee, chilli nuts and all kind of nice things! for a small fee of Berget $

Top floor view from the bar

Top floor view from the bar

Top floor view from the bar

Top floor view from the bar

So hard to have a quiet time at the bar..

They didn't knew we was watching from up there

Top floor view from the bar

We could all so watch the bikers from the bar roof..



Sir, yes sir!

Civilian had a sit down...

Traffic jam... (of course)

A small bar fight was stopped by B1 & B2 (and the help of our sidearm) all outside!

Cool down at the top floor, one of the persons in the bar fight

B3 is down - by "blue on blue" (or is it red on red..)

Our beloved flag!

Finally we got this installed in the tank! 2 VERY nice brothers did a fantastic job!!! thanks alot guys! "one shot 2 kills"

Pick a knee - patrolling the area of the city

Small 4 man patrol in the deep forest of Sweden

Lets go this way, mate

Trying to see of the city is ours or if there is blue forces inside.

Getting ready to enter the city

B2 covering my right flank

The tank and these guys going to do some damage... well we broke our track the second time, just after this was taken. A BIG thank you, for the nice music, and the tool for that quick repair! (it only took 36 minutes to repair the tracks this time)

B1 on alert

B1, B2, B3, B5, B52 and Banz took the trip to Berget - with our tank on a trailer.
We had a blast - before, during and after!

See some pictures here.

We are all ready starting to plan for next year.

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